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Noritsu QSS-1501ZU
with QSF-430L-3U Film Processor--For Sale!

This great mini-lab system not only has a zoom lens to print upto 8x8, but also comes with a variety of lenses, including:
8x10 & 8x12 for 35mm (V903111)
4x5 & 5x5 from 6x6 or 6x4.5 (V903379)
5x7 from 6x6 or 6x4.5 (V903334)
8x10 from 6x6 or 6x4.5 (V903345)
8x10 from 6x7 (V903414)

Also includes:
4 paper magazines
Medium format neg carriers & mirror tunnel
leader puller, sleever, film rack, silver recovery unit, and more!

For more information, please contact Bob Stephani at: